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It is so nice to receive gifts, but to make ones is even more pleasant. A gift is a perfect chance to show your attention, a good opportunity to improve mutual understanding, or to display gratitude. We often ask ourselves what gift to make, what present to give on a special occasion. Besides, we always want to delight our beloved ones with interesting and memorable presents and bright souvenirs; and the most important thing about making presents is to stay original and maintain individuality. Our company’s mission is to surprise with unusual, interesting, and delicious gifts.

Sweet gifts occupy a very special place. Genuine quality chocolate is an excellent gift that any person will love. When we hear the words "chocolate" and "sweets" we often remember our happy childhood with unforgettable moments of total happiness and easiness in life. A box of chocolates or a cake is a wonderful gift; they help recall happy moments and make life of beloved ones a little bit sweeter and all problems seem not so complicated. Besides, sweet gifts are universal – they are appropriate almost for any occasion. The combination of an elegant packaging and chocolate aroma will definitely evoke positive response. It has been discovered, that even the flavor of sweets and chocolates is able to get the spirit up, because this delicious product is associated with joy and celebration.

Our online store offers you wide range of sweet gifts that you can present to your beloved people with pride. You can choose one of the sweet items and combine it with a flower arrangement or a fruit basket. That will be an original, stylish, and delicious set to be sent in Nikolaev! Please, contact our customer support team to arrange purchase and delivery!
  • Sweets EsfeRo Crema, 154 g / 5.4 OZ

    Sweets Esfero Crema is a luxurious blend of flavors: delicate chocolate cream, whole hazelnuts, double layer of dark milk chocolate with pieces of hazelnut which cover every candy!

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  • Esfero Pralina, 252 g / 8.5 g

    Esfero Pralina is an exquisite union of soft and very delicate praline and dark chocolate combined with crunchy crisps. The unity of taste and elegant design of the package make these sweets unforgettable.

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  • Dolci-Amour, 90 g

    Dolci-Amour means refinement and purity of taste of the real chocolate, which ideal proportion of bitterness and a soft sweetness will deeply impress your girlfriend or woman.

  • Raffaello, 150 g

    There are a lot of occasions when you may present Raffaello. If you want to keep up the spirits of your friends or close people, just give them these tender candies.

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  • Raffaello Large Box, 300g / 10.6 oz

    Raffaello is a crunchy candy covered with coconut flakes, with sweet cream and whole almonds inside. These sweets are popular primarily because of their unique combination of perfect taste, fine snow-white packaging and, of course, a romantic design of the pack.

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  • Truffles AVK,185 g

    The heart-shaped pack of these candies will perfectly suit to romantic dinner or any romantic occasion. They are chocolate candies with a soft truffle and crunchy crisps. Give pleasure to your close people presenting a wonderful taste of truffle.

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  • Ferrero Collection, 0.247 g

    Candies in beautiful packs are great present to everyone. There is a luxurious mix of flavors: chocolate cream, whole hazelnuts, dark milk chocolate, exquisite soft praline combined with crunchy crisps and other unforgettable tastes. Beautiful design of the package emphasizes the unique taste of chocolates.

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  • Ferrero Rocher Heart Box, 100 g

    Ferrero Rocher sweets are popular worldwide. Selected whole hazelnut in milk chocolate and hazelnut tender cream in a crispy wafer shell, covered with chocolate and nut flakes. Perfect gift  to show your love!

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  • Ferrero Rocher Small Box, 200 g / 7 oz

    These popular sweets will be pleasant surprise to everyone! Box contains 16 pieces. They were first presented in Italy. This assures the high quality of the product! Those who have tried them ones will love them forever!

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  • Ferrero Rocher Large Box, 600 g / 21.2 oz

    If you don't know which present to choose, go for sweets in gift packs. It is the most pleasant and most tasty gift for everyone and will be perfect for any occasion.

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  • Cherry in Chocolate, 313 g

    Cherry in chocolate candies are chocolate sweets with pitted cherry inside in cherry syrup. This perfect combination has made this product so famous. Give your love with quality chocolates.

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  • Korona Chocolate Assortment, 173 g

    Korona chocolate is the leader among Ukrainian producers of chocolate. Choose this product as a gift! The highest quality of this chocolate will make you buy it again and again. The box contains 28 chocolates.

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  • Lubimoff Tiramisu, 208 g

    Lubimoff Tiramisu sweets are the most tender milk chocolate candies you may ever find. These candies will melt the heart of your girl or woman. Excellent opportunity to show your feelings!

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  • Merci Fine Selection, 250g / 8.8 oz

    A variety of Merci chocolates pleases by their taste and wide choice. Sweets may consist of walnut cream, milk chocolate, hazelnut and almonds, praline cream, chocolate, marzipan, dark mousse, coffee and cream. Enjoy the awesome taste of these sweets.

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  • Reduced price!
    Kievskiy Cake, 1 kg

    This cake has a long history. Nowadays it consists of two air-nut layers with cream. The top layer of the cake is decorated with different kinds of creams, the sides are covered with hazelnut flakes. 

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  • Cappuccino Roshen Cake, 1 kg

    What can be better than to receive such tasty and beautiful cake as a present? Make the life of your friends and close people colorful! Try this cake if you like sponge-cakes with soft cream.

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