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This toy has its history that begins more than a century ago. Some things were changed in Teddy's look from that time, but it always remained the symbol of care and tenderness of your feelings. At first Teddy Bears were made to look like real bears: with extended snouts and beady eyes. Modern ones usually have larger eyes and foreheads, smaller noses and may even be pre-dressed. There is a great variety of Teddy Bear models nowadays and there are several beautiful ones presented in our shop.

Teddys are universal presents as it is almost impossible for someone to dislike them. All girls and women like this kind of soft toy and you simply can not be wrong by gifting it. You can send tons of kind words, love promises or even money to a person, but people judge by your actions more than by your words and you can prove that you are ready for actions and not just promises!

There are moments in life when you miss your beloved one. When you are far away and you want to show your love and care or when you are just not at home and you want to make your woman happier. When this person is waiting for your attention or probably if not - your gift will be a great surprise and a very pleasant moment. She will hug the soft and silky Teddy and will feel your care and warmth of your feelings. We have a great variety of soft bears starting from just $20.

We can deliver this gift all over the Nikolaev (Ukraine, Eastern Europe) and take a photo upon delivery so you could see how much happiness you brought to someone's life.
  •    “Sweet Love” Gift Set

    This funny Teddy Bear which holds heart-shaped box of chocolate candies will tell your woman about your feelings better than any other words. Candies Lubimoff Tiramisu, 208 g in box – 208 g.

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  • White Teddy Bear (32 cm)

    This white Teddy Bear was created to please and make happy every girl who will receive it as a gift. She will smile every time she touches it or look at it!

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  • Bear Ken (51 cm)

    Teddy Bear is the most pleasant surprise for the girl. The soft fur of this bear will fascinate your girl and her hart will be yours forever! The size of this Bear Ken is 51 cm.

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  • Teddy bear - fairy tales teller

    This is the perfect gift for your girl or for the child, especially if you are far away since this Teddy Bear is a great fairy tales teller. Pay attention that this toy speaks Ukrainian.

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  • Stuffed Teddy Bear Olezhka

    White Teddy Bear named Olezhka is very soft toy with the nice ribbon on its neck. It is so soft that it will be a real pleasure for Her to hold it or even to sleep with it!

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  • Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear

    Big Teddy Bears are aimed to help you express big feelings. Be sure this huge stuffed Teddy Bear will bring joy to your girl or to the child! Her dream to have a giant toy will come true!

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  • Stuffed Teddy Bear Lyonya

    White Teddy Bear with soft pink ribbon on the neck will be wonderful gift for wonderful girl. Give Her bright emotions choosing this toy.

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  • Stuffed Teddy Bear Tosha

    This funny Teddy Bear named Tosha is wearing cute green T-short on. It will be perfect gift for woman or even little girl or boy. Be sure, the funny face of Bear Tosha will make them laugh!

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  • Stuffed Teddy Bear Kelly

    You even can't imagine how soft and nice this Teddy Bear is. It will become the best friend for your girl. She will think of you every time she looks at it if you are far away.

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  • 11 Gorgeous Roses and a Teddy Bear

    Every girl loves roses as well as soft Teddy Bears! Combine these gifts together and give Her royal present. Double pleasure in one gift!

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  • Teddy Bear with Elegant Silver Circle Pendant

    This nice Teddy Bear is not just a toy. It has an elegant Silver Circle Pendant decorated with clear Swarowski crystals with a chain. It's a great way to present nice jewelry to your woman!

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  • Irresistible Cream Teddy Bear

    Cute and sweet white Teddy Bear will make any holiday or special occasion colorful and full of joy, happiness and laugh! Your girl will love it for sure!

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