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Apples, pears, oranges, grapes, pineapples and kiwis are the most used fruits in our beautifully arranged gourmet baskets of delicious fruits. Recently it became a great tradition to gift these to your corporate partners, friends or relatives from Nikolaev while you are abroad.

This will be an elegant and universal present for any occasion such as memorable event, holiday or when you simply want to make a special person smile. Fruits sector is one of the healthy nutrition parts so it simply can not be disliked by anybody, unless a person has some kind of allergy to the fruits that are listed above. But even that is not a problem as you are always welcome to place a custom order if there is something else you would like to add to or exclude from our standard baskets.

Customize the design and we will easily adjust the ingredients of the basket and include fresh flower bouquets with arrangements and add a nice greeting card on top of it. The price will be re-calculated according to all your requests and wishes.

We have a great variety of fruit baskets starting from just $45. You can use credit cards to make a secure payment at our safely protected processing page. We can deliver this gift within a couple of days all over the Nikolaev (Ukraine, Eastern Europe) and take a photo upon delivery so you could see how much happiness you brought to someone's life. Its never too late to make smile the ones that make you happy as their happiness is your happiness after all.
  • Elegant Fruit Tray

    An Elegant Fruit Tray is an unusual and great gift. Surprise your girl or woman with this healthy present. Send Her a unique message of love and warmth from the bottom of your heart!

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  • Fruit Basket with Red Wine

    Fruits and wine is a classic combination. Send Her or your friends this sophisticated gift and you will see how they like it. It will be a pleasant surprise for everyone who receives it.

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  • Deluxe Gift Basket

    Fruits will be an elegant gift that shows your care and love. But fruit basket with Teddy Bear in it is even more pleasant to receive. Don't hide your feelings! Show your true love to your close people!

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  • Tropical Fruit Tray

    Tropical fruits are considered to be the healthiest ones since they are full of vitamins. This tray will be the most tasty gift to the people you take care of.

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  • Fruit and Jam Gift Basket

    Allow this elegant gift basket to express what words cannot. Send sympathy, care and love with this freshest fruits and delicious jams produced according to Ukrainian traditional recipes. This big, beautiful fruit and jam gift basket filled with natural, healthy snacks is refreshing and will be appreciated for any occasion.     

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  • Chocolate, Cheese and Wine Basket

    The main purpose of any gift is to make your close and beloved people happy. If you want to make healthy and useful gift, then choose this basket which is full of fruits, chocolate and cheese. Pinot Noir wine will complete the gift!

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  • Cornucopia Fruit Gift Basket

    This basket is full of different fruits. It will be designed especially for you and for the people you want us to send this luxary gift! Special gift for special people!

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  • Coral Dreams Bouquet

    Holiday is on the way and you can't decide which present to give? Choose the fruit basket. It is the gift for any occasion and for people of different age and preferences! 

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  • Local and Tropical Fruit Basket

    Our designers will make the perfect composition of local and tropical fruit basket. Be sure this will be unique hand made gift for your dearest people! 

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  • Fruits and Red Wine

    We carefully select the fruits which we use in our composition. So you may be sure that people you want to receive this basket will get quality and fresh products. Red wine will complete the gift!

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